Importance of NTSE in Class X ?

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a National Level scholarship program in India to identify and nurture talented students.

Till year 2007, it was conducted for students of class X only and in the Stage-I and Stage-II, objective questions based on applications of fundamentals of subjects of Class IX and X are asked. Some questions are based on advance application of the subjects.

When a student prepares for NTSE, the preparation methodology is oriented to train the brain of student for understanding in-depth applications of all concepts of Science and Mathematics. This preparation helps students in grooming their brain for fundamental and advance applications which are asked in engineering and medical entrance examinations when student is in class XII.

NTSE preparation forms a strong foundation of students for higher level competitive and other scholarship examinations.

During Class XI, all bright students aspire for KVPY Fellowship (visit for details). Till year 2008 it was observed that almost all KVPY fellows were NTSE Scholars. This is because NTSE preparation starts building the application based foundation in students.

Till year 2009, it is proven history that students who were NTSE Scholars, have performed extraordinary in all engineering and medical entrance examinations.

Shifting NTSE back in Class X is boon for all students who are aspiring for higher level competitive examinations during their Class XI and XII.